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2nd PERASPERA Workshop (28-29 November)

The 2nd workshop PERASPERA took place on 28-29 November 2016 in Tenerife (Spain), with the objective of  gathering inputs from the community on the next phases of the Space Robotics Technology Cluster roadmap.

Organised by the PERASPERA consortium (ESA, DLR, CDTI, UKSA, ASI and CNES), the workshop has first introduced the status of the cluster, announcing the kickoff of the first Operational Grants (OG). In this context, GMV has presented the three OGs that is coordinating: ESROCOS (OG1), ERGO (OG2) and FACILITATORS (OG6).

The PERASPERA consortium has also presented the future OGs that will be financed in the 2018 and 2019 H2020 Space Program. In 2018, the objective is to start integrating the building blocks developed  in the frame of the current OGs in a number of application-oriented activities, both for planetary and orbital scenarios. Following these activities, the 2019 call will be devoted to the feasibility studies of the IOD missions that will be implemented in the future steps of the program, beyond H2020. The results of OG1 to OG6 will therefore be fundamental for the future of the roadmap, as they will have to be re-used by all the following activities.

At the end of the event, a working sessions took place, restricted to the coordinators of OG1 to OG6. A good coordination spirit among all OG1-OG6 participants has been perceived by all as a good sign for the outcome of the program.

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