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ERGO will last 27 months starting from Nov. 1st, 2016.

The project milestones are depicted in table here below.

MilestoneAcronym Milestone Name Related Work Package(s) EstimatedDate Location

Means of Verification

MS-1 KOM Kick-Off Meeting WP  0000 T0 GMV Project started
MS-2 PM1 Progress Meeting 1 WP  1000 T0+2m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-3 SRR System Requirements review and ICD Workshop WP  1000 TO+3m(Feb 1st, 2nd 2017) GMV SRR and ICD workshop held. Delivered SRR Doc.
MS-4 PM2 Progress Meeting 2 WP  2000 T0+6m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-5 PDR Preliminary design review and ICD check-out WP  2000 TO+9m OG6 PDR and ICD workshop held. Preliminary Design delivered.
MS-6 PM3 Progress Meeting 3 WP  3000 T0+12m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-7 CDR Critical Design Review WP  3000 T0+15m GMV CDR held. Detailed Design and identified Prototypes delivered.
MS-8 PM4 Progress Meeting 4 WP  4000 T0+19m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-9 TRR Test Readiness Review WP  4000 T0+22m GMV TRR held. ERGO system level test successful. Ready for field test.
MS-10 FA Final Acceptance WP  5000 T0+24m OG6 FA held. ERGO accepted.
MS-11 FP Final Presentation WP  5000 T0+27m PSA Test results validated. Final report delivered.

List of milestones.