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Relation to the work programme

Each Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) is divided in two categories: Programme Support Activity (PSA) which main role is to elaborate a roadmap for the whole SRC, and the Operational Grants (OGs), intended to address different development steps identified in the roadmap.

PERASPERA [ , the Space Robotics Technologies PSA, has produced a roadmap with 3 different tracks (common building blocks, orbital and planetary) to be completed from 2016 until 2024. The six Operational Grants defined for the common building blocks in the 2016 call are illustrated in Figure 1‑1.

Figure 1 1: Overview of the integration of the different OGs

Overview of the integration of the different OGs

OG 1. Space Robot Control Operating System;

OG 2. Autonomy Framework Time/Space/Resources planning and scheduling

OG 3. Common Data Fusion Framework

OG 4. Inspection Sensor Suite

OG 5. Modular Interfaces for Robotic handling of payloads

OG 6. Validation Platforms and Test Fields



ERGO answers to the Operational Grant 2 of the topic “SRC – Space Robotic Technologies”.

The challenge of the OG2 is defined in the SRC Guidelines integrally recalled in the previous section of this proposal and here after summarized as to realise a software framework for the development of highly autonomous space robotics missions.

To fulfil this challenge and its associated requirements, as defined in the Master Plan and SRC Guidelines a number of objectives have been identified in the previous section and will be further elaborated in the rest of the document.

This proposal combines research activities in most of these areas as well as it introduces aspects typical of operational systems.

From a practical perspective, this proposal has been made having in mind the need to generate as an output of the activity an innovative product that could be used in the space and terrestrial robotic application domains in the short-medium term.