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Project Dossier

Please click here to download the  ERGO project dossier


In line with the requirements defined in the Master Plan, the table below present the document deliverables of the project:


Deliverable name WP Lead participant Dissemination

Delivery date

D0.1 Final Report 0100 GMV PU T0+27 (FP)
D1.1 Technology Review Document 1100 BAS PU T0+2
D1.2 System Requirements Document 1200 GMV PU T0+3 (SRR)
D1.3 Interface Control Document (v2) 1200, 2100 to 2500 GMV PU T0+9 (PDR)
D2.1 Preliminary Design Document 1200, 2100 to 2500 GMV PU T0+9 (PDR)
D4.3 ERGO User Manual 4100 to 4500, 4700 GMV PU T0 + 22 (TRR)
D5.1 Planetary Exploration Test Report 5100 GUK PU T0+24 (FA)
D5.2 Orbital Test Report 5300 GMV PU T0+24 (FA)
D5.3 Evaluation of Test Results 5200, 5400 GMV PU T0+27 (FP)
D6.1 Dissemination Plan 6100 to 6300 KCL PU T0+4 (SRR+1)
D6.2 Exploitation Plan 6400 GMV PU T0+27 (FP)
D6.3 Publications 6200 KCL PU

Table 3‑2: Document Deliverables list